International Trade Consulting

In an increasingly globalized world, international trade is becoming more and more a standard procedure. We provide accurate and valuable consulting, representing our clients in negotiations with the parties involved in the international trade deal such as the suppliers, buyers, the carriers and others.

Emergency Consulting

Many organizations share the same fate: at one point some sort of disaster strikes. Bad organizations default, good organizations survive and the best organizations come out better. It’s what we do after a disaster, financial recovery and reconciliation, what matters. Don’t give up, we’re here to help.

New Business Consulting

Starting a new venture? Or expanding your portfolio by penetrating different markets? We’re here to set it up. Use our professionals with expertise and experience to create a sound and sustainable new business model. From start to sales, we’ve got it covered.

And more

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us or schedule a call. We’ll take care of it.

Project Design

We deal with how to set objectives, integrate various activities and how to manage a new or existing projects from start to finish. These things make the difference between a failed and a successful project. 

Logistics Consulting

Save time and improve reliability with optimal logistical shipping methods through our experienced partners and agents. Count on better scheduling, clearance, and speed to market. Worldwide.

Industry Consulting

At Burbank Consultancy, we collaborate with our industry clients on the latest most pressing, multi-dimensional challenges while uncovering new opportunities for the future.


Management Consulting

Your organization can always be improved in multiple ways to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Especially with a fresh new look from Burbank Consultancy.

Business Process Consulting

Add muscle to your organization. Add professional aid to make sure your organization runs the most effective and efficient way. We’re here to to care of that. We focus on productivity and designing and managing your systems.

We deliver value. Period.