Are you looking to open up a new business? Or are you diversifying your portfolio with new ventures? Either way, you need to start from scratch. You need a new business model, perhaps conduct market research, do strategic planning and execute with focus. This is what New Business Consulting is about. 

We at Burbank Consultancy have helped dozens of organizations from the ground up. Started with nothing but a plan. Our professional teams have great expertise with start-ups and have the ability to help your new organization succeed in this highly dynamic environment. 

New Business Consulting can consist of:

  • Business Model Design

  • Market Research

  • Strategic Positioning Ploy

  • Strategic Execution

Furthermore, we will organize the framework of the new organization completely. This means setting up the administration, supply chain, sales channels, marketing channels, human resource management and more. Once we’re done and leave, everything is set. 

Start now. Your dream awaits you. 


Benefits of this Service

Our proven procedures have the following benefits

Strong and Fast Start

Proven Sustainable Business Model

Meet all Legal Requirements

Entire Organization Setup

We deliver value. Period.