During a crisis, bad organizations default. Good organizations survive. The best organizations come out better. We’re here to make sure your organization not just survives, but comes out better. More resilient for crises, more dynamic and flexible. 

It’s what we do after a disaster what counts. With Emergency Consulting, we will help you go through the process of Disaster Management:

  • Situation Control: making sure the situation is under control for now.

  • Thorough analysis using System Dynamics: finding out where in the machine of the entire organization the problem exists.

  • Solution Design: Focusing on the issues with laser sharp focus and constructing a long term, sustainable solution.

  • Situation Debriefing: Are the problems solved? Are we vulnerable for those problems in the future? How do we prevent that?

After a crisis, we as professionals come in to analyze and fix the problems. That’s all what Emergency Consulting is about. Burbank Consultancy dealt with many crises in various organizations around the world, whether those were due to natural disasters or man made. We have the skills to do damage control, we’ve done it before. 

Don’t wait too long. The longer issues remain unsolved, the more they cost. Start now with Emergency Consulting before it’s too late.

emergency consulting

Benefits of this Service

Our proven procedures have the following benefits

Accurate Crisis Assessment

Damage Control

Proven Solutions

Resilient and Sustainable Fixes

We deliver value. Period.